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NordicInvestor is a leading online media for institutional investors in the Nordics

We provide news, research, analysis and opinion on and for asset owners and allocators in the region.

NordicInvestor aims to deliver thought provoking and inspirational content to its readers through both original content as well as aggregated content from the worlds leading asset managers and industry insiders.

House of Reach is your holistic advisor and business development partner

We enable you with best in class distribution power based on an extensive network on a senior level.

Boutique asset managers will benefit from our lengthy experience as asset managers on C-level in all areas and full suite large asset managers will benefit from our detailed knowledge of the Nordic dynamics.

Together, we have joined forces to bring something unique to the Nordics – offering asset managers a full suite of tailor made marketing services.

Through custom research reports, engaging content campaigns and bespoke events with Nordic asset owners, we offer a one-stop solution to engage with the Nordic investment community.

We believe that long-term relationships are built on a foundation of insight and mutual value creation. Our unique commercial capabilities allow participating asset managers to both build their brand as well as show off thought leadership and investment expertise through direct communication with potential clients.

1. Audience & Reach

Together, we cater to institutional investors in the Nordics defined as;

Public Pension Funds
Private and Corporate Pension Funds
Life and Non-Life Insurers
Wealth Managers
Family Offices
Foundations and Endowments

We also have a substantial readership in the whole sale/distribution market reaching fund selection teams in most major Nordic distribution and unit-linked platforms.

We define decision makers as anyone in an organisation with some form of responsibility for externally managed portfolios.

Apart from the obvious roles of the Fund/Manager selection teams, this also includes C-level executives such as CIOs, Strategists and Heads of Asset Allocation as well as Portfolio Managers who manage both internally as well as externally managed portfolios.

We also include ESG teams within the organisations as these have an increasing importance in setting policy for investment practices and selection criteria.

In aggregate, you reach over xxx Nordic institutions with more than EUR xxx billion in assets under management

Together with us, you reach a Pan-Nordic audience. Our readership roughly represents the true distribution of Nordic asset owners per country although with a tilt toward Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

2. Custom Research

Our custom research programme is a unique opportunity for you to gain insight into specific investment areas.

Together with you, we collaborate to outline the research topic, quantitative survey questions, and qualitative interview questions with investment decision makers across the Nordics.

All work is carried out in-house and draws on the unique expertise from the team.

We publish our results in a presentation for your internal use as well as a cobranded research report for distribution across our platforms.

The comprehensive research reports are used by our clients in their market outreach and business development activities. By demonstrating a highly credible understanding of investors’ business concerns, we help you attract new business and deepen relationships with current clients.

Some topics that have been covered by NordicInvestor in the past include:

How Nordic Insurers are investing and allocating post-pandemic
Nordic ESG Report
Private & Alternative Credit

What you get:

– Questionnaire developed together with you
– Open ended interviews with 30+ well-qualified investment decision makers
– One cobranded research report of approximately 10 pages
– Published and promoted through all NordicInvestor and House of Reach channels
– Slide presentation of research results for your internal use

3. Bespoke Events - Roundtables

Our roundtables bring together industry professionals in vivid and informative exchanges. The setup is designed to dive deeper, and give further insights, into specific areas from our research reports.

The group typically consists of a minimum of five local investors as well as sponsoring asset managers. The size of the group and the chosen format, which combines a casual breakfast or lunch followed by a concentrated work session, gives an excellent opportunity to network and get to know participants and the organisations they represent in both a more personal and professional manner.

The roundtable discussions are hosted behind closed doors, without an audience. All participants are involved in the same discussion, which is moderated by us. The primary goal of the round table is to entice participants to share their views and gain insight from their peers in a relaxed and informal setting. A summary of the discussion is edited and presented in a dedicated publication.

The combination of a relatively small, intimate group of individuals exchanging views behind closed doors and the following circulation of the summarised discussion to our entire audience combines the best of both worlds: professional and personal relationship building with broad communication and branding.

What you receive:

– One participant in each respective roundtable session
– Special publication dedicated to the roundtable
– Full rights to use and distribute dedicated publication;
– Featured interview on NordicInvestor

4. Custom Content Campaigns

Through a collaborative effort we offer you the opportunity to showcase thought leadership, your investment capabilities and expertise through original articles.

Together with our editorial team we help you create engaging and thought provoking content that supports your brand ́s story.

All sponsored articles are fully integrated into both website and newsletters and matches the editorial editorial content in form. Our editorial team is committed to telling your story as well as we tell our own – helping to build new relationships between your brand and our readers.

All content is published on NordicInvestor and promoted to our entire readership through The Nordic Brief.

"The Nordic Brief" - our monthly newsletter

The NordicInvestor monthly brief is a direct channel to the top decision makers in the Nordic investment community.

Every month we commission top class writers and industry insiders to examine the pressing issues of the day and take the pulse of the Nordic investment community.

The brief is comprised of selected articles touching on a broad range of areas;

– Asset allocation
– Equity Strategies
– Fixed Income and Credit Strategies
– Private Assets
– Liquid Alternatives and Hedge Funds
– Real Assets
– ETFs and indicies

5. Sponsorship Package

Through a carefully tailored package, we now offer clients to participate in an annual program made to maximise their efforts in the Nordic Region.

The program is designed to allow you to build brand and show investment capabilities through continuous content campaigns and distribution across the year as a well as build closer relationships with potential clients through our custom research reports and the consequent roundtables.

The annual cost of participation is set at EUR 45.000 with House of Reach clients paying a reduced fee of EUR 30.000 in the first year


  • – Co-sponsorship of one Custom Research Report
  • – Slide presentation of research results for your internal use
  • – Participation in two roundtable sessions, each hosted in a different Nordic capital
    – Written summary of the roundtable sessions, published through all channels
  • – 6 sponsored articles on NordicInvestor to be spread across the year
    – Full rights to use and distribute all created materials and content to use in other markets or channels
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